Gabrielle is a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker who has taken on various projects including creating logos for clients, animating commercials for film festivals, working as a character and background designer and animating music videos for musicians.

Gabrielle's articles

  1. How to Design a Stylish Event Flyer

    Despite living in a world that’s growing progressively more digital, printed event flyers are still a surprisingly common project to find on a designer’s desk or within their inbox. These flyers are often for parties, Q&A sessions, fundraisers, conferences, film screenings, and other events. In fact, just last week I was asked to design a […]

  2. 10 Ways to Add Life to a Mascot or Character

    As a former art student of 10+ years, I know the importance of creating work that catches the eye of whomever passes. They say that “first impressions are lasting impressions,” and it’s no different when it comes to the characters and mascots that you design. Just like your wardrobe and anything else you can aesthetically change, careful alterations can go a long way and can make even the simplest designs look amazing.

  3. How To Design an Effective Company Mascot

    In today’s ever-evolving economy, more and more businesses are seeking innovative ways to connect with potential clients and customers. While some groups are still sticking to traditional advertising methods, others are using the latest social media outlets such as Twitter and YouTube to introduce themselves to new prospects and “humanize” their company. Though these methods […]

  4. How to Clean Up a Self-Portrait in Photoshop

    Whether it’s for a high fashion magazine, an advertisement for a new product, a marketing promotion, or just for your new Facebook photo, we all end up retouching photos on occasion. With a few Photoshop techniques, you can change a boring, flawed photo into something much more eye-catching and professional.  Your subject may not be […]