Gabrielle is a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker who has taken on various projects including creating logos for clients, animating commercials for film festivals, working as a character and background designer and animating music videos for musicians.

Gabrielle's articles

  1. 20 Creative, Compelling 125×125 Ads

    Advertising is a pivotal part of getting your goods and services sold as a business or company. Lots of websites offer ad space on their sites, but advertising costs are proportional with advertising sizes. It’s fairly easy for a designer to assemble an effective advertisement if it’s large and prominent, but truly talented designers can […]

  2. 20 Inspirational Landing Page Designs

    As all designers know, effective landing pages play a critical role in increasing online transactions and conversions. But, despite the well-known importance of proper, effective landing page design, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for building a landing page that’s guaranteed to thrive. There are many different approaches to building a high-performance landing page, but they all […]

  3. 15 Inspirational Horizontal Web Portfolios

    The web design world is always changing, not only in terms of design aesthetics and techniques, but also in terms of best practices. Trying to think of new innovative ways to get yourself noticed can be difficult, especially when it comes to captivating the visitors who happen upon your online portfolio. Pushing boundaries in web design […]

  4. Create an Explosive 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

    As graphic designers, we’re always on the hunt for resources to help us perfect our next design, but sometimes we just can’t find what we’re looking for. This is a particularly common challenge when trying to find the perfect font for that prominent headline that must be compelling. Many of us have spent hours scrolling […]

  5. Four Surprisingly Strong Free Design Programs

    If you’re a graphic designer, you know that hard work and constant practice come with the territory. Talented new designers and industry veterans make for a highly competitive landscape. Design professionals often have to perform a budgetary balancing act between offering competitive rates, buying new hardware and software, and of course, paying their bills. When […]

  6. Design a Pristine Glowing Advertisement in Photoshop

    It’s a proven scientific fact that primates are attracted to sparkly things, and we humans are no exception. If you add some shiny baubles to your own advertisement, you’ll have a glowing, captivating graphic with lots of appeal. Let’s learn how.

  7. How to Design a Stylish Event Flyer

    Despite living in a world that’s growing progressively more digital, printed event flyers are still a surprisingly common project to find on a designer’s desk or within their inbox. These flyers are often for parties, Q&A sessions, fundraisers, conferences, film screenings, and other events. In fact, just last week I was asked to design a […]

  8. 10 Ways to Add Life to a Mascot or Character

    As a former art student of 10+ years, I know the importance of creating work that catches the eye of whomever passes. They say that “first impressions are lasting impressions,” and it’s no different when it comes to the characters and mascots that you design. Just like your wardrobe and anything else you can aesthetically change, careful alterations can go a long way and can make even the simplest designs look amazing.