Gabrielle is a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker who has taken on various projects including creating logos for clients, animating commercials for film festivals, working as a character and background designer and animating music videos for musicians.

Gabrielle's articles

  1. Create 3 Impressive Image Tones in 5 Minutes

    Sometimes, designers are asked to spend several hours perfecting prominent images, but a task this intensive (and ample time to truly perfect it) is a rarity. Most often, designers are asked to make quick, time-efficient improvements to imagery to meet deadlines and make progress on projects Just because you’re a novice in Photoshop doesn’t mean […]

  2. Client Etiquette: How to Be a Better Design Client

    In a previous article, I gave some tips for designers on how to make their clients happier. I want to continue along this line of thinking, but I want to focus on the reverse — how clients can make their designers happier. As they say, “it takes two to tango,” and designing is usually a […]

  3. 10 Brilliant Color Apps for Designers

    Color is extremely important in the design world. Savvy designers with a background in color theory choose colors deliberately for connotations that strengthen their design. Well-chosen colors can transform good work into spectacular work, and poorly-chosen colors can spell disaster for any design. While making thoughtful, deliberate color choices can be a challenge, developing color […]

  4. 20 Essential iPhone/iPad Apps for Web Developers

    Despite the emergence of powerful desktop technology tools, it still takes more than a single software suite to become a great web developer. Web developers are virtually tethered to their computers, but just like graphic designers, web devs can be surprisingly productive away from their desk or outside of the office. Lugging a laptop from place to place is rarely […]

  5. 5 Ways to Truly Personalize Your “About Me” Page

    Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, having an “About Me” on your website that’s actually interesting and personal is a great way to stand apart from millions of businesses and personal profiles with bland, uninspired “About Me” pages. Many of these profiles seem to exist purely because supervisors, corporate policies, […]

  6. 10 Lovely Heart-Shaped Logos

    Symbols play a strong a role in the creative process and can make or break a visual design. Today, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the symbol that we’ll study is the heart. The heart is symbolic for many things, including love, goodwill, happiness, and health. Using hearts in sentimental designs is a timeless tradition […]

  7. 18 Handy Graphic Design Apps for Android Owners

    Graphic designers have all types of skills and styles, and where their approaches may differ, so might their equipment. The iPhone isn’t the only smartphone out there with dozens of useful design apps being produced for their platform, the Android platform has plenty of its own. Android owners, whether they have a tablet or phone, don’t want to […]

  8. Design a Product Package Prototype in Photoshop

    Prototyping is essential when it comes to designing. Thanks to programs like Blender, Photoshop, and a host of other software, we can construct highly-detailed, easily-editable design concepts without the costs and commitments involved in building tangible models. Prototyping your package design not only allows you to explore various design possibilities, it also allows you to […]

  9. 22 Creative, Useful iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

    Whether you’re an up-and-comer or a seasoned vet, graphic design requires a lot of work that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or stressed. Truth be told, sitting in front of your computer doesn’t always help you rid yourself of fatigue or “designer’s block.” Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck sitting in one place […]

  10. 10 Video Games With Stunning Stylized Visuals

    Video games have been around for a very long time, and they’ve gone through hundreds iterations and evolutions. I have a fond appreciation for video games; I grew up playing old, 8-bit video games, as did a lot of people. Video games aren’t just meant for entertainment, they’re teaching tools and powerful motivators worthy of […]