Georgina has more than fifteen years' experience writing and editing for web, print and voice. With a background in marketing and a passion for words, the time Georgina spent with companies like Sausage Software and cemented her lasting interest in the media, persuasion, and communications culture.

Georgina's articles

  1. Interview – Hillman Curtis of

    Hillman Curtis grew famous for his Flash work – but his new book discusses the more general concepts of design. He talks to SitePoint about his latest projects, his past work, the future of online advertising, and what it is to be a New Media Designer.

  2. Optimize your Web Copy

    You’ve written the content for your site, but how well does it communicate? Georgina explains the nitty-gritty of making Web copy easy to read and understand.

  3. Overhaul Your Online Catalog For More Sales

    If your sales are slow, don’t limit yourself to a promotional solution – it might be time to overhaul your online store. This step-by-step guide combines theory and practice to help you refine your electronic catalog.