Georgina has more than fifteen years' experience writing and editing for web, print and voice. With a background in marketing and a passion for words, the time Georgina spent with companies like Sausage Software and cemented her lasting interest in the media, persuasion, and communications culture.

Georgina's articles

  1. Five Steps to a Clearer Career Focus

    For those of us working solo, without demanding bosses and panicky colleagues, focus is the key to achieving our goals. Here, Georgina provides a simple five-step plan to clarifying your freelance focus, and staying on track today, tomorrow, and in the months to come.

  2. Five Ways to Build Your Skills Through Freelancing

    What motivates you to find new jobs and clients? If you’re a freelancer without a cushy company education or training allowance, you should see new clients and projects as opportunities to build your skills. What does this mean in practice? Georgina explains.

  3. The First Rule of Outsourcing to Contractors

    Planning to outsource work? Read this first! Georgina reveals the first rule of contracting — one that’ll affect your professional reputation, your working relationships, and maybe even your self-respect — and explains what it means in practice.

  4. Share Job Sources for Success

    If you haven’t tried it already, you may not realize that sharing job sources with friendly competitors can help your business in more ways than one. Georgina explains how a little information sharing can go a very long way.

  5. Five Marketing Myths Busted!

    Marketing your freelance business doesn’t need to be as difficult as the pundits make out. Georgina unmasks five marketing myths, and explains why you can forget about them.