Georgina has more than fifteen years' experience writing and editing for web, print and voice. With a background in marketing and a passion for words, the time Georgina spent with companies like Sausage Software and cemented her lasting interest in the media, persuasion, and communications culture.

Georgina's articles

  1. Is Freelancing Work Without the Boring Bits?

    Every would-be freelancer dreams of freelancing as a golden age in which work will actually be fun, we’ll have new-found passion, and the things we do will really matter. But is freelancing really a version of work without the boring bits? Georgina investigates.

  2. Freelancers’ Crunch-time Survival Tactics

    There’s a freelancing ideal that states that if you’re properly organized, and manage your clients well, you should never come up hard against a deadline. But life can get in the way. How do you survive the crunch times? Here are Georgina’s favorite tactics.

  3. Help! User Documentation that Works

    For a website or web application that’s introducing new concepts or modes of interaction to its users, good, clear documentation is key. In this case study of a rewrite of’s help documents, Georgina lays out some vital guidelines for writing effective help pages.

  4. Say Bye-Bye to Bad Clients

    Bad clients are the bane of freelancers. Whether they’re panic-mongers, late-payers, or simply time drains, bad clients can have a disproportionately negative effect on your business (not to mention yourself). Georgina explains how to sever those ties for a more productive future.