Georgina has more than fifteen years' experience writing and editing for web, print and voice. With a background in marketing and a passion for words, the time Georgina spent with companies like Sausage Software and cemented her lasting interest in the media, persuasion, and communications culture.

Georgina's articles

  1. Do You Really Want the Gig?

    Jumping at every job that comes your way can be a fast-track to freelancing hell. Georgina explores the factors that make a job “right” for her — and wonders what clinches a deal for you.

  2. “Anti-marketing” Marketing for the Ordinary Freelancer

    These days, everyone’s a marketer. But what if, like Georgina, you’re just an ordinary freelancer, more intent on doing good work than promoting it? These “anti-marketing” approaches might help you grab the attention of prospective clients without requiring you to sell your soul … or your sensibilities.

  3. Respond to Invoice Queries Without the Panic

    You’ve worked your fingers to the bone, delivered an outstanding project that you’re proud of, gained signoff as well as praise from your client, and … then you get a call questioning your invoice?! Don’t panic: Georgina explains how to respond to invoice questions as calmly and coolly as the proverbial cucumber.

  4. Is That New Client Right For You?

    Clients mean money, and money means food on the table, right? This logic leads us to think that any client’s a good client. They’re not. What’s a good client for one freelancer might be a terrible client for another. Here, Georgina explores some often-ignored, yet crucial, aspects of client assessment.

  5. The Truth About Word-of-Mouth Referrals

    How many times have you heard that word-of-mouth referrals are among the freelancer’s best leads? In this post, Georgina looks at what’s really involved in developing an ongoing supply of word-of-mouth referrals.

  6. Are You Living the Freelancing Dream?

    Before they start freelancing, many imagine themselves rolling out bed at midday, doing a couple of hours work from a banana lounge, and being paid so handsomely for it that they can knock off at 3, in plenty of time for a surf/ski/margarita. Georgina explores the myths — and potential realities — of the freelancing dream.

  7. Getting Paid … for Your Proposal?!

    How do you cover the costs of the pitches and proposals you do? It’s the age-old question of every freelancer, and everyone’s approach is different. In this post, Georgina shares a few ideas of her own.

  8. The Freelancer’s Guide to Expectation Management

    Most ex-freelancers I know give the same reason when I ask them why they don’t do it any more. “The clients!” they say. “They always have big expectations and tiny budgets.” Expectation management really is the crux of happy freelancing. In this post, Georgina explores the basics of expectation management.