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  1. How to Retain Users with Good Design

    Good design is key to any successful website for increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

    Facebook, who currently has the largest user base in the world, says one of the most important ways they retain users is by focusing on user-friendly design (via Computer World), and Google says their number one philosophy, is to “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

    Clearly Google and Facebook have been doing something right to become the powerhouses they are today, so moving from their user-centered advice, how can you use good design to retain customers?

    First off, you may be asking, what makes a design user-friendly, anyway?

    Easy navigation: Navigation should be as simple as possible – integrating tabs, paths linking pages, and linked text – so that users don’t get frustrated searching for the information they need. If you’re stuck on how to make your navigation as effective as possible, check out MarketingProf’s great guide to user-friendly navigation.

    Smart placement: What goes above and below the fold is key. High-impact visuals, important bullet points, and your call to action should be placed above the fold, so users see them as soon as they get to your page. Tagliaerbe offers these image examples of how to separate content above and below the fold.

    Place any expanded content below the fold so users can get more comprehensive info by scrolling down.

    In other words, hook users with a taster of what you have to offer at first sight so they want to scroll down and engage with your website to get more information.