Dr Design answers design and development questions for SitePoint readers. Drop him a line today!


  1. Dr Design – Javascript to PHP

    PHP problems? Javascript giving you trouble? A nasty bug in your cookies? Dr. Design has all the answers – and prescribes them liberally as he tends the design world’s woes.

  2. Dr Design – SSIs, Java Scrollers, and More!

    This month, Dr. Design administers a little validation to a nasty forms issue, prescribes some Java, and uses CSS and SSI to cure design and maintenance issues. For the good Doctor, it’s all in day’s work!

  3. Dr Design Answers your Questions

    Dr. Design returns to SitePoint to minister to your creative ails. Today he advises on coloured scrollbars, popups, ASP resources, frames, and more!

  4. Site Design

    Answers to your questions related to planning and designing an effective website.