Dimitrios is an expert .NET Architect and has written over a dozen articles covering various topics on .NET, and has been published on 4 Guys from Rolla, Dot Net Junkies, MSDN Academic Alliance, The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, and here on SitePoint.


  1. Introduction to ADO.NET

    Achieve more with less! It’s a bold claim, but as Dimitrios shows, it’s one that ADO.NET *can* afford to make. Access databases efficiently and effectively with this step-by-step guide.

  2. Creating and Consuming .NET Web Services in 5 Easy Steps

    Step 3 – Build our Object OK, now let’s invoke the .NET C# compiler (csc.exe) or VB compiler (vbc.exe) to convert your source file into an assembly or DLL. Create a new .bat file named makelib.bat and type in: [C#] csc /t:library /out:binGetSuppliers.dll binGetSuppliers.cs        /reference:System.dll,System.Data.dll,System.Web.dll,    System.Web.Services.dll,System.XML.dll /optimize [VB] vbc /t:library /out:binGetSuppliers.dll […]

  3. Creating and Consuming .NET Web Services in 5 Easy Steps

    Aside from your typical data namespace import, you also add the Web Services namespace: using System.Web.Services In VB this would be: Imports System.Web.Services Here I’ve added the [WebService(Description="My Suppliers List Web Service")], which gives a custom description. Next we create our class, which, in order that it be exposed, and able to inherit the Webservice […]