Daniel Gafitescu is a senior PHP developer working for Pentalog in Iasi, Romania. He loves new web development technologies, and enjoys watching movies and games from English Premiership, playing soccer with friends, and most of all spending time with his newborn son and his lovely wife.

Daniel's articles

  1. Command line PHP using Symfony Console

    As a PHP developer, you will often find yourself working with PHP in the command line. The first time I had to use it was because I would get the "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" error on a shared server where you could not change the max_execution_time PHP setting. Nowadays building command line […]

  2. Goodbye CodeIgniter, Hello Laravel

    A lot of developers are fanboys of their PHP framework of choice. Just like in politics, everyone chooses a side. And most of the time you can stay with your choice, but it’s always good to explore new things. For one developer it meant goodbye CodeIgniter, hello Laravel.

  3. Using the PHP Last.fm API

    If you are building a site for a band or artist and you want to make it more social using Last.fm, it’s a must to use their API. In this way artists and fans can become connected and fans can stay up to date on concerts and new albums. In this article you’ll learn how to query the Last FM API to get information about bands, their most popular songs, album contents, and event listings.

  4. An Introduction to Redis in PHP using Predis

    Redis is an open source data structure server with an in-memory dataset that does much more than simple key/value storage. This article introduces you to some of the basic but powerful commands that Redis has to offer using the Predis library.