1. Suppressing White Space

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Over the weekend I happened to be working on a project with another developer and he emailed me about an issue with a custom tag that he was using. He said that there was an inordinate amount of white space in his documents. In fact, the document with all the white space […]

  2. ColdFusion Developers Unite!

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Many thanks to Sitepoint Forums member creole for letting me know about the Nashville CFUG (ColdFusion User Group) meeting tonight. I knew that Nashville had a CFUG, but I have yet to attend one due to an extremely hectic schedule. While I won’t be going tonight, I do plan to attend the […]

  3. Scheduling Tasks Without Access to CF Administrator

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Here’s one that was requested when I polled our audience to see what articles our readers would like to see. If you are on a Unix-based server, you can usually access your server via telnet and set up cron jobs that will automate processes for you. For example, you may want to […]

  4. Tracking Your Deployed Files

    …posted by davidjmedlock: If you’re not using some sort of version control, you should be. “Why,” you ask? “Why not,” is my reply. Most of us do not have access to a dedicated ColdFusion server. If you’re like me, you have a developer’s copy of CFMX on your computer at home (or whereever your development […]

  5. Running Performance Metrics on ColdFusion Functions and Operators

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Have you ever noticed developers making statements about how well various operators and functions perform when compared with other functions and operators? For example, how well does perform when compared to ? Is there really a significant difference? Well, in my recent article on queries, I used a block of code that […]

  6. Make Better Use of Queries

    …posted by davidjmedlock: You’ve probably noticed my latest article – Data Structures 4: Queries. I promise this is the last one about data structures. You can look forward to something new next month. Queries are an integral part of ColdFusion, though. As I describe in the article, they are used for many, many purposes and […]

  7. What Do You Want?

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Many people have commented on how nice it is to see ColdFusion get some spotlight here on Sitepoint. Now my goal is to edge out all the PHP, Java, ASP, and .Net coders and eventually turn Sitepoint into one big ColdFusion site. Okay, I’m just kidding. The PHP guys need a place […]

  8. HTTP Implementation Sketchy in CF 5?

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Okay, this is a bit of an annoyance. I was writing an application for managing logos in a system where many clients log in. We’d get the client ID, retrieve the most recent logo and display it. The problem was, this system was written in ColdFusion, but had to be used in […]

  9. It *Should* Be This Easy

    …posted by davidjmedlock: When it comes to databases, sometimes we simply have to work with what we’ve got and hope it will get better at some point in the future. For example, sometimes you may find yourself able to use only Microsoft Access. Now, Access was not designed to power web sites. It works okay […]

  10. Encoding your CFML

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Prompted by a question from another forum member, I decided to look into encoding ColdFusion code. First off, if you go into your CFIDE/Administrator directory under your CF installation path (i.e. C:CFusionMXwwwrootCFIDEAdministrator), you’ll notice that there is an index.cfm file. That’s right, all of the ColdFusion Administrator is written in ColdFusion. But, […]