1. CFUG Tour

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Ben Forta is going on tour to select CFUG’s this summer: I’m really hoping he’ll be here in Nashville. I’m keenly interested in “Blackstone”. (More to come on that soon, though.)

  2. Favorite CF Functions/Tags/Etc.

    …posted by davidjmedlock: I thought it would be interesting to hear from other developers what their favorite or most used ColdFusion custom tags, UDF’s, or CFC’s are. I’ll start off: – This has saved my life a few times when I needed to use XML with CF 5. It’s based on the Microsoft XMLDOM parser, […]

  3. Open Source ColdFusion Projects

    …posted by davidjmedlock: This is pretty cool. SourceForge is a huge (the largest, I’m sure) open source software web site. There are thousands of projects hosted there at SF and a surprising number are ColdFusion Projects. I expected to find only a couple of projects, maybe 10 or so, but when I do a simple […]

  4. Practical Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion

    …posted by davidjmedlock: As you may have noticed, my most recent article has been published on SitePoint: Practicle Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion. I hope everyone enjoys this article and learns as much from as I did. (Yes, writing is not only a teaching experience, but as much or more of a learning experience, believe […]

  5. Disk Based Query Caching

    …posted by davidjmedlock: I happened to notice this on Macromedia’s ColdFusion Developer Center today. I think the article has been out for a little while but I thought I’d post the link here for any who are interested. Caching Queries to Disk or Memory With ColdFusion This author also provides a custom tag to do […]

  6. Google API CFC

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Well, I’ve returned from my much needed vacation, though I must admit that it’s a little difficult to get motivated again. I suppose it will take me a few days to get back into the groove. Salt Lake City was pretty cool. We went skiiing at Brighton and Park City, stayed at […]

  7. Code Reuse in CF – Part One

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Well, in about 7 hours I’m going to be on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah for my first snowboarding trip. I’ve never been snowboarding or skiiing, so this should be interesting. I just hope I don’t break any important members. (I can live with a broken leg. A broken arm […]

  8. Replacing CreateTimeSpan()

    …posted by davidjmedlock: I was reading up on some ColdFusion optimization techniques recently for work and I came across something that said you could increase the efficiency of caching your queries by eliminating the CreateTimeSpan() function used in the CachedWithin attribute of your cfquery tags. Now, here’s my disclaimer: This is not really my idea. […]

  9. Promote and Sell Your CF Tags – A Primer

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Have you thought about developing a revolutionary custom tag, CFC, or CFX tag? Maybe it’s a super flexible and easy to install content management system or a CFX tag that allows someone to create zip files on the fly. Whatever it is that you’ve developed, or plan on developing, you should research […]

  10. Watch Your RSS!

    …posted by davidjmedlock: This blog isn’t quite so much about ColdFusion, but eventually, we’ll tie up all the loose ends, I promise. It will all make sense by mid-April. Recently, we’ve seen quite a few articles about content distribution and syndication with RSS. You may remember some of these SitePoint Articles: [li]Get Off Your RSS! […]