1. Quick and Dirty Way to get Image Dimensions

    …posted by davidjmedlock: img = tk.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(“C:image.jpg”); width = img.getWidth(); height = img.getHeight(); #width##height# I’m by no means a master of all things Java, but this is an easy way to grab the height and width of an image. I haven’t tried it with GIF’s just yet, but I think it’ll work… Enjoy!

  2. DB Transactions With ColdFusion

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Time flies all too quickly. I’ve been remiss in my posting here and I apologize. I did plan to write a quick note about the security of scheduled tasks, but I have yet to figure out a solid way of authenticating who ever is accessing them. At any rate, I did find […]

  3. ColdFusion Blogging Scripts

    …posted by davidjmedlock: I’ve had a few people come to me looking for blogging scripts and pre-built apps, so I thought it’d be useful to post a few of the resources I found for this. Keep in mind that, although I maintain the blog here on SitePoint, I’m not a big fan of blogging and […]

  4. ColdFusion Forum on SitePoint Forums

    …posted by davidjmedlock: ColdFusion now has its own forum here on the SitePoint network! If you haven’t joined SitePoint Forums yet, we’d invite you to do so. It’s a great place for discussions about programming, getting help with questions, and honing your skills while helping others out, too. We don’t take any responsibility, though, for […]

  5. ColdFusion Events

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Want to keep up with whats going on in the ColdFusion world? Keep track of Macromedia’s events calendar. There are both in person and online events scheduled. There are a few basic ColdFusion seminars as well as some advanced topics such as using ColdFusion with IBM Websphere and developing applications with Flash […]

  6. Send a Read Receipt through ColdFusion

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Here’s a nifty, and maybe even useful, little tidbit for using CFMAIL. Have you ever gotten an email in Outlook and seen a little popup window after you read it saying “The sender has requested a read receipt for this message. Would you like to send one now?” (Or something like that…) […]

  7. Updated CFUG tour

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Ben has a list of his upcoming appearances for this summer’s CFUG tour. He’ll be quite a busy guy over the next few months. You can catch this list at Looks like the closest he’ll be to me is either Louisville KY or Atlanta, GA (both about 3 to 4 hours […]

  8. Upper case / Lower case functions

    …posted by davidjmedlock: This originated out of some project I was thinking about doing and I though it’d be useful for others. These functions check to see if a character is upper case or lower case: function isUpperCase(character) { if (Asc(character) gte 65 and Asc(character) lte 90) { return true; } else { return false; […]

  9. Very Cool Things for ColdFusion

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Okay, I wanted to post something about companies, organizations, and people doing cool things with ColdFusion. Here are just a few: I’ve downloaded some of the free tags and apps that the guys at CFDev have created and plan on checking them out thoroughly. But, even the software that they have […]

  10. ColdFusion Blackstone – MX v.7

    …posted by davidjmedlock: Okay, you saw my blog about Ben Forta’s CFUG tour this summer. So far the only two cities I’ve seen confirmed have been Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville, FL. The list is incomplete as of now, though, so those of you in other cities can keep your fingers crossed. As a part of […]