1. Microsoft set to launch Semantic Web light

    Fascinating news coming from Microsoft Research. They are showcasing for the first time their “research-output” repository platform at the upcoming Open Repositories 2008 conference. Here is an excerpt from the blog: Our goal is to abstract the use of underlying technologies and provide an easy-to-use development model, based on .NET and LINQ, for building repositories […]

  2. Visualising the world with Twine

    It has been almost a week since I have started using Twine. I still feel compelled to explore and find out new things, much more so than on any other social networking site I have used. The good thing so far is that I don’t (yet) feel overwhelmed with information. There are some peek periods […]

  3. 15 invites to Twine

    G’day all you loyal readers! I have 15 invites to Twine for anyone who can provide me with their URI. You don’t have one? Well, a little hint, read this post by Tim Berners-Lee and then run, don’t walk to the nearest FOAF-a-Matic and make yourself a shiny new FOAF file. Put your FOAF file […]

  4. Twine’s dual personality

    With Twine, what you see on screen tells only half the story. Pull back the curtain and it reveals a whole new side just itching to play with the other kids on the block. When I log on and view my profile page, I see this: A Semantic Web client sees this: <rdf:RDF> <app:User rdf:about=””> […]

  5. Semantic Web or: why Yahoo! resisted Microsoft’s takeover

    With the recent announcement from Yahoo and subsequent flurry of posts that followed, something became clear to me. Yahoo! didn’t accept Microsoft’s offer because it had an ace card up its sleeve. Semantic technology. With this sort of tech, who needs Microsoft or even Google for that matter? Yahoo! is positioned to leapfrog what has […]

  6. Preparing your sites for the data web

    Okay, the Data Web (from the man himself – Tim Berners-Lee) is coming. Linked data will rule the day and if you don’t act quick your website will be left behind. Or more likely your site will simply go on strike demanding better work conditions and an observance of the fact that it is capable […]

  7. Twine — it’s all coming together now

    I have been using Twine now for about a day and I am already in love with one feature (among many I am just starting to appreciate). Email posting. Email posting to your private account or a twine you are a member of is great. I like it a lot. In fact, this singe feature […]

  8. The hidden side of linked data

    Two of my previous posts have raised a few issues that I find very interesting and lead to some more un-answered questions. One comment in particular is what got me thinking. What happens when information about us on the web is no longer disparate, no longer hidden in the database — locked away by thousands […]

  9. Drupal 7 – a living breathing Semantic Web citizen

    I have just recently started looking into and actually using Drupal. I installed version 5 on a Linux server and it was amazingly straightforward. Well, the installation was straightforward. I still haven’t totally got my head around actually driving the thing — although from the developments that are going on it definitely looks like I […]