1. Importing Content into Drupal

    One of the most painful steps in any web system is importing content — especially so with Drupal. But in this short guide David shows a much easier way.

  2. Google Now Supports RDFa

    Hurray! I thought this day would never come… Google has recently announced its support for RDFa along with microformats. This is great news, they now join Yahoo in supporting the W3C RDFa standard for embedding data along with the content. Think of RDFa as more flexible microformats. Google is calling this “Rich Snippets” . If […]

  3. Obama’s Groundbreaking use of the Semantic Web

    In a revolutionary move, Obama’s administration is set to utilise next generation web technologies to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to government. In this case it will shed light on how the roughly US $800 billion dollar economic stimulus will be spent. The recently launched website (powered by nothing other then Drupal) brought […]

  4. President Obama uses RDFa

    The site is CC licensing all its material, and if you peek behind the covers (view source), you will see some RDFa. Granted it is a small start, but it is a start.

  5. Interacting with the Web of Things

    Computer interface fatigue — using the computer for so long that you begin to lose purpose. You are just functioning, clicking buttons, moving/removing content. But getting nothing “real” done. I experienced this big time the other night.