David operates MedlockWeb, a web consulting firm that focuses on building solid relationships and web applications with entrepreneurs and investors. He also maintains a web business blog at WebDevSuccess.com.


  1. User Defined Functions in ColdFusion

    User-defined functions allow developers to keep frequently used pieces of code together in reusable units. In his hands-on tutorial, David shows us how to use cfscript to create user-defined functions that are compatible with both ColdFusion 5 and ColdFusion MX.

  2. Content Syndication With ColdFusion MX

    RSS is flavour of the month – with good reason! David’s tutorial shows how to use ColdFusion MX to take advantage of content syndication, create your own RSS feeds, and consume those of other sites.

  3. Practical Uses of HTTP in ColdFusion

    Retrieve RSS feeds, send form, URL, and cookie variables to remote sites, and return alternative file types using the cfhttp and cfhttpparam tags. David reveals his favourite applications of HTTP in ColdFusion to us in this hands-on tute!

  4. Introduction to Data Structures in ColdFusion

    You may not love data structures, but the gruesome truth is that they’re at the core of every developer’s existence. Here, David introduces the basics of arrays and multimdimensional arrays, before finishing with real world examples. A must-read!