David is the founder of Hannon Hill Content Management Software, a growing software company that develops award-winning content management software for enterprises of all sizes.


  1. Turn a Client Site into Saleable Software

    You’ve just developed a client site? Leverage those hours of work by turning the site into software. In this hands-on primer, David starts at product conception, showing how to choose a business model, develop marketing strategies, manage the product’s release, co-ordinate sales and distribution, ensure a quality customer experience, and more.

  2. Push Vs. Pull – The Battle for the Best CMS

    Which is better: a Push or Pull CMS? Here, David argues the case for the Push CMS, outlining its benefits in terms of search engine-friendliness, facilitation of multi-server content publication, content independence, and more.

  3. Your First Cold Call Article

    Never made a cold call? David explains the importance and value of cold calls, debunking myths and providing tips in this handy guide to cold calling.

  4. 2 Quick PHP Tips

    Are you a sloppy coder? Do you unwittingly reduce the performance of your own code? Clean up your act with these two great PHP tips – David shows us how.