1. More Hourly Rate Magic…

    I thought one last post about hourly rates might be worthwhile, since there seems to be plenty of interest in measuring and ultimately raising the amount of profit that we make with each hour we invest in our businesses. Many of the hours we work are dedicated to non-billable activities such as marketing or administration […]

  2. Not the Perfect Time Tracking Tool

    The last post received some very interesting comments, and even a few mentions of specific time tracking systems that our readers use. As a process and methodology fanatic, I’m always interested in any tools that can help me to be more efficient – especially if they are related to time management. Personally, I’ve only had […]

  3. Where Does Your Time Go?

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed an alarming trend – many web developers don’t track their time effectively. Of course there are lots of experienced web designers and programmers who are terrific at logging and tracking their activities. But a surprising percentage track their time using incomplete or inaccurate methods, or don’t track their […]

  4. Welcome to the Web Pro Business Blog

    Hello and welcome to a new chapter in Sitepoint’s ‘Down to Business’ blog! I’d like to thank Simon and the whole SitePoint staff for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a useful and widely read blog. I’m very excited to interact with the SitePoint community on a new level, and will do my […]

  5. Who Are You Dealing With? Client Background Check Essentials

    Before you jump into an agreement with that hot new business prospect, spend a little time on research. How likely is the client to pay your invoice? Will you be legally able to enforce your contract? Dave shows how the all-important client background check can save you thousands.

  6. Working With Contractors Made Easy

    Using contractors can deliver benefits, but it also poses hurdles. In his complete 6-part series, Dave explains the details of the problems you’ll face as you work with contractors, and provides tips from his own experience on how to manage the process.