Darko is a back-end devleoper who enjoys working with Ruby & discovering and learning new things about the language every day.

Darko's articles

  1. Watir-Webdriver: Control the Browser


    Watir-WebDriver (Watir is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby) is a Ruby gem which allows you to automate your browser (make it click a button, submit a form, wait for some text to appear before continuing, and so on). With its help, a real user can be simulated, allowing you to automate the full stack testing of your web application.

    Watir-WebDriver syntax is very clean and inspired by similar frameworks in other languages (Watij for Java and Watin for C#). It is also a well-maintened gem with over 68 releases.

  2. A Guide to the Ruby CSV Library, Part II

    Good job, son! – Uncle Bob (if you’re confused who Uncle Bob is you might want to read Part 1 of this tutorial)
    Uncle Bob is happy with the work we’ve done so far. But there’s one thing left… What we need to do is add headers to our CSV file.

  3. A Guide to the Ruby CSV Library, Part I

    Several weeks ago I needed to do something in Ruby that involved processing a large number of CSV files. I was happy to learn there was a good, comprehensive CSV library to make my job easier. One thing struck me, however, as soon as I started looking for tutorials: none of them covered this library […]