Daniel Tenner is a full-time online entrepreneur. He has been involved in several online ventures, worked in a large consultancy in financial services, and started two successful online businesses. His current focus is Woobius, a collaboration tool for the construction industry.


  1. 9 Deadly Startup Diseases and How to Cure Them

    Got the germ of an idea for your own startup? Perhaps you’re wary of the afflictions that can beset new businesses. In his second article on web startup companies, Daniel examines some common ailments and what you can do to stay on top of them.

  2. Why You Should Fire Your Clients And Launch A Product

    So, you want to start your own company—but should you follow a product- or a service-based business model? In this article, the first of two on web start-up companies, Daniel demonstrates why a product-based business is the hands-down winner!