Dana has been a business journalist for over 20 years, and has covered the online world since 1985. He has co-authored 5 books, most recently "Web Commerce: Building a Digital Business", with Kate Maddox. His columns appear in Boardwatch and and B2B Magazines, and online at Internetcontent.com, ClickZ.Com, ISPWorld.Com and his own newsletter site, a-clue.com. He lives in Atlanta.


  1. Make your Community Pay

    Does your community site earn its keep? This week, Dana reveals the secrets to harness this powerful economic force, and make community pay. If your virtual clubhouse has become a time- and cash-drain, this article’s a must-read.

  2. Membership has its Privileges

    A profitable content site? It can be done! Following on from last week’s column, Dana explains how to find and solicit the kind of target audience that you – and your advertisers – want.

  3. The Purpose of Visitor Registration

    CPM rates are falling and content sites are struggling. How can you attract the right advertisers? Dana shows us how to apply off-line methods to qualify your audience and boost ad sales.