1. Google’s TrustRank Trademark

    As has been widely reported and discussed, Google has registered a trademark for “TrustRank.” Behind the trademark, we find a research paper from the usual suspects at the Stanford Digital Libraries project. This paper discusses a method of weeding out spam from search results by using a “seed set” of trusted web sites. TrustRank, as […]

  2. Contextual Advertising Takes A Huge Leap Forward

    Google recently announced an upcoming change to the Adwords program, which will allow advertisers to target contextual advertising on specific web sites. Andrew Goodman reported in WebProNews that this means the end of the old PPC keyword bidding model in favor of pricing based on impressions (CPM), but this isn’t quite right. According to Google, […]

  3. MSN biased to favor IIS servers?

    Ivor Hewitt has done some research which appears to show that a higher proportion of top ranked pages in the MSN search engine are hosted on Microsoft’s own IIS server platform. This work is interesting enough to get slashdotted, but it’s too early to draw conclusions. I discussed Ivor’s results with him a couple months […]

  4. Just What Are We Optimizing Anyway?

    With a 3-day weekend coming up, at least here in beautiful Frisco, TX… I’d like to close the week out with an idea that we hammer on relentlessly in my SEO and SEM training classes. If your SEO efforts are solely dedicated to optimizing for higher rankings or placement on a limited number of search […]

  5. Consumer Reports’ WebWatch Conference on Search Advertising

    U.S. readers will probably recognize “Consumer Reports” more than folks in other countries, but over here they’ve got quite a reputation for unbiased reporting and product testing as well as consumer advocacy. On June 9, I will be speaking at a conference sponsored by Consumer Reports WebWatch titled Trust or Consequence: How Failure to Disclose […]

  6. Deep Link Ratio – Cool Tool

    I’ve known Jim Boykin of We Build Pages for some time now. Jim uses one of my books as training material for new members of his team, and I make constant use of the free tools this team of professionals offers on their web site. Well, Jim’s team has done it again, with another great […]

  7. SitePoint Releases Search Engine Marketing Kit

    Last spring, I was contacted by SitePoint about the possibility of writing a new book on SEO, similar to their existing Web Design Business Kit. I submitted a proposal, and was extremely pleased to be chosen by SitePoint as the author. Subsequent discussions led to an expansion of the book’s scope to cover pay-per-click, and […]

  8. The Search Engine Marketing Kit – Chapter 1

    More than 350 million English language Web searches are conducted every day. Is your site well-ranked in the results? In Chapter 1 of The Search Engine Marketing Kit, Dan explains the essential background you’ll need to know before you can efficiently and intelligently undertake search engine marketing.

  9. Time To Adapt?

    I was in Seattle last week for Jill Whalen’s “High Rankings Seminar,” which was a fantastic experience. I lived in Seattle for seven years back in the ’90s, and got to experience the early days of the Internet from a vantage point very close to the University of Washington. One of the cool things that […]

  10. Is Cloaking Deceptive Advertising?

    Alan Perkins of Silverdisk, a notorious “white hat” search engine marketer, has recently published a series of articles on ethics in SEO, culminating with Search Marketing Techniques, Deceptive Advertising Laws & Other Laws, in which he argues that some SEO techniques (mainly cloaking) might actually be illegal. Although I am not completely in agreement with […]