1. Google doesn’t trust all links

    In O’Reilly Radar > Search Engine Spam?, Tim O’Reilly addresses concerns that their network of sites, which includes,, and others, is “selling PageRank” via text link ads. As Danny sullivan points out in his comments, a lot of companies (including the former owner of Danny’s Search Engine Strategies conference) are selling the same […]

  2. SEOmoz | Great Site for Learning about Term Weight

    Rand Fishkin has found a nice resource for folks who want to understand the science of information retrieval… SEOmoz Blog | Great Site for Learning about Term Weight Rich Ackerman’s site has pages on the vector space model and a nice explanation of the math behind it. I don’t get my own blogroll here, but […]

  3. Google’s tracking links – grrrrrrrrr!

    Over the past couple days, I’ve become plenty annoyed with Google’s tracking links breaking, or failing to return any data. I get the same experience with Yahoo (which loves redirection) quite often – at least with Google SERPs it’s only a small percentage of links that are getting tracked. Hey Google, if you’re going to […]

  4. Matt Cutts: UI fun: Better snippets

    Google employee Matt Cutts describes a new enhancement to Google search results in UI fun: Better snippets. Mr. Cutts is one of the most watched individuals in the search engine universe, and it’s nice to see him blogging. I actually noticed this a couple days ago, when I was Googling around, and just sort of […]

  5. SEM Expert Seeks Apprentice

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog… my apologies to all who have expected more. Poor health and poor timing have conspired against me. So a little quick news will have to do for today: I Will Be at SES (Search Engine Strategies) in San Jose… but only on Monday August 8. […]

  6. Got The Black Hat Blues? Put On Your Thinking Cap!

    Some of the stuff that folks do, trying to fool the search engines, is just laughable. I tried to take the Independence Day weekend off, and not think about search engines, but I got this email on Thursday night as I was packing up, and it occured to me that a few folks could stand […]

  7. Quick Review – PPC Search Engine Marketing Handbook

    A few weeks ago, Boris Mordkovich was kind enough to send me a copy of his book, the “Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook.” It took me a few weeks to read it – not because it’s hard to read, but because I am very very busy these days. As a book junkie, I […]

  8. vs.… trouble!

    If you had the SitePoint SEM Kit you’d already know about this, but since some folks haven’t actually bought it yet, here’s something important you should know. Most web servers (therefore most web sites) are configured to show the same content whether visitors request a page with or without the www in the address. So […]

  9. SitePoint SEM Kit reviewed at Search Engine Watch

    Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch has written a nice review of the SitePoint SEM Kit for Search Day, which was posted last week while I was in Berkeley for the Consumer Reports Webwatch conference. This review likens our SEM kit to the “internet in a box” kits that were on the market during the […]

  10. GoogleGuy Dumps, Google Leaks

    The current/recent Google update, dubbed “update Bourbon,” has created a bit of a stir, due to the length of the update and the significant shifts that have taken place in some search results. Google’s webmaster rep “GoogleGuy” posted some lengthy comments at Webmaster World, including the helpful note that using “id” as a variable in […]