1. SEM Kit 2006 Progress Report

    Since I lost my best friend and business partner in December, I haven’t been the most productive man in SEO… but I am back at it, and thought readers might like to know what I’ve been up to. First, the 2006 edition (update) of the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit is well underway, and will […]

  2. SES NYC: Does Barry Diller Get Search?

    The Search Engine Strategies conference kicked off this morning with Danny Sullivan’s interview with Barry Diller of IAC/Interactive, about the rebranding and future direction of the search portal. First of all, let me say something nice about Barry Diller – he understands positioning. He gets branding. He understands that users will decide whether the […]

  3. Danny Sullivan on Google Print

    Danny Sullivan has posted an excellent analysis of the technical issues involved with Google Print, in Indexing Versus Caching & How Google Print Doesn’t Reprint. The thrust of Danny’s argument, and I agree 100%, is that indexing the content of a book so that it becomes searchable is not the same thing as creating or […]

  4. Google’s Hidden Protocol

    Google’s URL removal page contains a little bit of handy information that’s not found on their webmaster info pages where it should be. Google supports the use of “wildcards” in robots.txt files. This isn’t part of the original 1994 robots.txt protocol, and as far as I know, is not supported by other search engines. To […]

  5. Google Update Update

    Yes, Google is updating, changing, shifting, call it anything you like but don’t call it dancing. So what’s happening? Search results are shifting around like mad, that’s what’s happening. What does it mean? I can’t tell you until it stops moving, which may take another couple weeks. We’ve been watching this since about last Friday, […]

  6. Stop The Texas Hold ‘Em Guy!

    One of the most annoying forms of search engine spam is comment spam, and other automated attacks on dynamic sites intended to plant keyword-laden links to the spammer’s web site. One spammer in particular seems to be exceptionally prolific. Although I don’t know if this individual is male, female, or in fact an artificial intelligence […]

  7. Keyword Intelligence – coming up short?

    Keyword Intelligence is Hitwise’s entry into the ‘budget market’ for keyword research tools. At first glance, it looks promising: Hitwise is a major provider of competitive intelligence information, and their high-end offerings certainly are attractive to online marketers*. Don’t give up your Wordtracker subscription just yet, though. While Keyword Intelligence does represent a different dataset […]

  8. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO – Filing a reinclusion request

    Matt Cutts: Filing a reinclusion request w/ Google Google engineer Matt Cutts with some nice detailed instructions on the process for pleading guilty, kissing up with Google, and maybe getting your website restored to the Google index. The old email address is apparently out of business or will be soon, and you need to go […]

  9. Trackback spammers beat Typepad nofollow

    Brian Turner has found something really interesting here: Trackback spammers beat Typepad nofollow. This is the kind of thing that must keep search engine engineers up late at night. What a mess. (Note: SitePoint uses WordPress, which doesn’t appear to have been exploited yet)

  10. Google Dropping Snippets?

    I’m starting to see a lot more META descriptions and Open Directory ( descriptions appearing in Google search results, where in the past you could expect to see a snippet of text content from the listed page. In some cases, I’m sure this is a good thing, but it can also lead to some really […]