Christina Truong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pyschology and Communications but shortly after graduation, she decided to pursue a career in web development. Since then, she has gained agency experience working on projects for top brands as well as freelance work with small businesses and personal websites. She has also participated in the initiative to encourage more women to join the technology field by volunteering for Ladies Learning Code. Based in Toronto, Ontario she has participated as a guest speaker, workshop mentor and instructor. She is currently at Teehan+Lax, digital experience agency, where she is a Developer and occasional blogger.

Christina's articles

  1. Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right: Creating a Website for Multiple Screens

    For many, planning a multi-screen web experience is no longer an afterthought; it’s the starting point. More and more, people are viewing websites outside of the traditional desktop screen. From tablets and phones to netbooks, laptops, and even TVs, optimizing for a wider audience (and their wider screens) is key. However, there are many considerations […]