Craig's articles

  1. A Ten-minute URL Shortener

    Using Heroku and the minimal Ruby framework Sinatra, Craig Anderson shows how the 99designs team put together a URL-shortening service in 10 minutes (more or less).

  2. How To Create Friendlier Random Passwords

    One aspect of web applications which is almost always overlooked when it comes to accessibility is how easy any randomly generated string might be to read. For many users distinguishing between zero and upper-case Os, ones and lower-case Ls, and even the letters b and d can be difficult.

  3. Techy Treasure #2: Twitter Buzz Widget

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, but it is all the rage at the moment. In fact, there was so much buzz about the launch of “Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!” that we’ve added a simple “Twitter Buzz” widget to it’s sales page. Here’s how.