Chris is a web designer, developer and internet marketer experienced in key web technologies and software. He currently works as online exposure consultant at leading mobile phone antenna and network equipment supplier. Chris also has passions for Android and web performance.

Chris's articles

  1. BuildMobile: How Mobile Phones Work

    Mobile phones have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. It is estimated that there are over five billion cell phones currently in use, covering a large portion of the world’s population. However, most people who use mobile phones do not understand how they work. This article demonstrates how a combination of sophisticated radio technology and computer security create the mobile phone systems many take for granted

  2. How Mobile Phones Work

    Here at BuildMobile we are obsessing about the many things we can do with mobile phones and smart devices, and the many ways we can build them. In this article, Chris Pentago explains the fundamentals of how mobile phones actually work within the network.