1. Is Selling Text Links Dangerous?

    There’s no doubt that selling text links is big business, but is is a risky business? The question, is selling text links dangerous, pops up in web master forums with increasing frequency. For me, two questions really come to mind: 1. Will selling text links hurt my site? I don’t think there is anything wrong […]

  2. Feedburner Acquired by Google

    According to Techcrunch the rumor that Google is buying Feedburner is now official. Until Google or Feedburner posts it, it’s still a rumor to me! But considering the source it looks like this deal is going through in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ve already seen talk about people wanting to leave just because Google is […]

  3. Google Shuts Down Arbitrage and MFA Publishers

    I talked about Making Money With Arbitrage in my last post and I touched on the fact that some people may see it as “shady”. Like it or not, arbitrage has a negative stigma. Based on the comments on my last post we have people on both sides of it. But it looks like the […]

  4. Making Money With Arbitrage

    When I first heard about arbitrage I thought someone was getting a divorce. I’d never heard of arbitrage to describe a market condition. The basic idea of arbitrage is simple: take advantage of a disparity between the cost of one item and selling it a higher price in another market where it fetches a higher […]

  5. Post Level Text Link Ads

    In the second part of his series on Adobe Business Catalyst, Rob builds on part one and shows us how to add back-end ecommerce functionality, custom reporting, and additional users and roles to a Business Catalyst site.

  6. Make Money with Lead Generation

    When people talk about leads or lead generation, many people start thinking about affiliate marketing or CPA (cost per action) programs. While it’s true there is a connection there, lead generation really is it’s own beast. A money making beast at that. What exactly is lead generation? Many companies are starving for people who fit […]

  7. Pick the Right Niche

    Not all niches (topics) are created equal. One of the things we discovered when building our network of sites was how competitive some markets were. Here’s the problem: Lets say you start up a gaming site. You get popular pretty quick, say up to 2000 unique visitors a day an about 20,000 page views a […]

  8. Digg Users 3 Times Less Likely to Click Ads Than Google Users

    Anyone who’s been on Digg can tell you that while the traffic can be amazing there isn’t a correlating increase in ad revenue, the bottom line being Digg users don’t click on ads like traditional visitors do and especially not as much as traffic from search engines. Chitika has stepped up and provided some facts […]

  9. Making Money With Communities—Part 2, Ways To Make Money

    Yesterday I talked about the problems facing communities when it comes to making money. Today we’ll talk about specific ways that you can turn the loyal following that communities naturally attract into opportunities. As I mentioned in Part 1, CPM (banner ads, etc.) and CPC (Adsense, YPN) are not always the best fit for communities. […]

  10. Making Money With Communities – Part 1, Problems

    As I mentioned in my bio snippet, I’m a big fan of user generated content. Before the Internet I read somewhere that the worlds content was created by 10% of the worlds population. I think it’s obvious that with the ease of publishing all kinds of content online along with the dropping price of tools […]