1. Leaving Money on the Table: Printable Versions of Articles

    If you offer printable versions of your site’s content with all the graphics and ads removed you really need to take a couple steps first to make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table. Back in 2001 SitePoint had an article linked to from Slashdot and thousands of people came to view the article. […]

  2. Build Content Site Profits with Ecommerce

    People often view ecommerce as a big step that one doesn’t enter into lightly, and that’s mostly true if you’re making your first ecommerce site. However one thing people often do not consider is simply selling a few products on their existing content site as a way to boost content site profits. SitePoint has been […]

  3. To Pop, or Not to Pop

    There comes a time in the life of every website publisher when he has to ask himself a question, “Should I use popunders, or not?” On the pro side of this question, popunders have many things going for them. They are a way to monetize your site without taking up any screen real estate. They […]

  4. Selling Text Links

    Thanks to the emergence of link popularity as a cornerstone of search engine algorithms a whole industry of the buying and selling of text links has developed. This has bearings on both website revenue and search engine optimization as Dan Thies recently discussed. Its actually a pretty controversial issue, on one hand text link advertising […]

  5. Introducing Yahoo Publisher Network

    This isn’t exactly breaking news anymore. I decided a while ago that one of my first posts on this blog would be about Yahoo’s new publisher network. Unfortunately it took longer than I expected to get this blog up and going. I’m sure that by now many of you are already familiar with YPN, but […]

  6. An Introduction

    Howdy, my name is Chris Beasley. If you’re a member of SitePoint’s Forums you know me as aspen, the team leader of the Manage Your Site section. I built my first website in 1993 or 1994 and published my first site that was meant to make money in 1999. I’ve been at it ever since. […]

  7. Introducing Google AdSense

    Google has just released AdSense, a new take on PPC advertising. As Chris explains, the system’s not without its problems, but looks set to change the face of advertising as we know it!

  8. Top 10 Google Myths Revealed

    Does Google use meta tags? Does it penalize sites that use popups? And what’s the real meaning of PageRank? Chris pulls back the search giant’s veil to expose the truth about Google.