Chris Howart is a web developer and a designer based out in Montreal, Canada. Chris has been developing web apps on Ruby (Sinatra etc.) and Rails for over 2 years. He also enjoys blogging and volunteering for projects such as wikiHow which aims to build the biggest How to manual in the world. He also adores travelling and gaming in his spare time.

Chris's articles

  1. Getting Started with MVC

    Ruby on Rails is often promoted as an MVC web framework (but in reality, Rails is a Model 2-MVC framework, I will get back to this discussion shortly, though) for the creation of modern, industrial-strength web applications. Ruby on Rails was first released in July 2004 as an open source project, and after about 8 […]

  2. An Introduction to Sass in Rails

    Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a very user-friendly implementation of CSS. In my previous post, I gave a broad overview of Sass. Here, I will describe in more detail the features found in Sass. I had written that Sass permitted the use of variables to store hex values and perform arithmetic operations with colors, thus […]

  3. An Introduction to Sass in Rails

    Sass, (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a meta-language, which has redefined CSS for “programmers” around the world. Not only does it supplement CSS, it brings out the fun in web designing. Apart from the weird logo of the “sassy” lady attending to the phone, Sass is truly elegant and awesome (but that could just be me). […]

  4. Deploying Rails with Phusion Passenger and Nginx in 5 minutes

    When I first started with RoR, I used to wonder how developers deployed their application with such ease. Here’s a guide which should come in handy if you want to deploy a Rails app with Nginx, without making the whole process look tedious. I could get this done in 5 minutes, how about you? Phusion […]