Zev Laderman is co-Founder and CEO of Newvem, an Israeli-based cloud analytics company. Zev is a highly experienced executive in the enterprise and start-up space. He has successfully led and sold two companies, including Aduva to Sun Microsystems and Tradeum to VerticalNet, seeded and contributed to WIX, the industry leading rich-graphic Webtop publishing SAAS platform, and built successful business units within Oracle.

Zev's articles

  1. Amazon Reserved Instances

    Amazon is a mammoth player when it comes to Cloud Computing arena! While the elastic nature of computing infrastructure has been widely used and is flexible, Amazon reserved instances has been a popular price saving mechanism. For reserved instances users have to pay a fixed one time fee, in turn getting discount on usage rates of […]

  2. Five Tips to Help Survive an Amazon Cloud Outage

    The Amazon Cloud outage affected a wide variety of startups, SMBs, and enterprise-level companies. Nonetheless, many companies are still adopting cloud solutions. Amazon Cloud services specifically offers flexible access to infrastructure and Class-A hardware, as well as a pay-as-you-go model. Unfortunately, what could be considered a small glitch on Amazon’s side can result in a […]