Bruno is a professional web developer from Croatia with Master's degrees in Computer Science and English Language and Literature. After having left his position as lead developer for a large online open access publisher, he now works as the PHP editor for Sitepoint and on various freelance projects. When picking them, he makes sure they all involve new and exciting web technologies. In his free time, he writes tutorials on his blog and stalks Google's job vacancy boards.

Bruno's articles

  1. Becoming a PHP Professional: The Missing Link

    This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Becoming a PHP Professional

    This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Becoming a PHP ProfessionalWhen reading various PHP related blogs, Quora questions, Google+ communities, newsletters and magazines, I often notice extreme polarization of skill. Questions are either at the "How do I connect to a MySQL database?" level or something in the range of "How do […]

  2. Wizpert – incentivized helping

    On October 18th 2013, I got an email inviting me to a new platform, Wizpert. Even though the service mistakenly identified me as the owner of Google's PHP-for-GAE blog, I tested it out briefly, and formed a hasty opinion. Not half an hour later, their CEO, Michael Weinberg got in touch with me, wanting to […]

  3. Zephir – Build PHP Extensions Without Knowing C

    Due to PHP being written in C, for a long time now the only way to extend it was to either rely on the current generation of enthusiastic greybeards, or take up C. For many, the latter wasn't an option. We, the high level developers of today, are far too lazy to take up such […]

  4. An Interview with the Crew

    What if you could reliably run PHP without Nginx or Apache, but also without relying on its internal server? What if you could do async operations in PHP with true multi threading, fully taking advantage of multi core processors without hacks or a jungle of callbacks? What if you had drag and drop installation support […]

  5. New PHP Editor

    Who? September 30th marked the stepping down of Timothy Boronczyk, Phpmaster's long time editor. He leaves behind a legacy of awesome: countless high quality articles, a fantastic and well formed writers pool, and a reputation one cannot easily catch up with. I started out as a PHP hobbyist many years ago. After being thrown into […]

  6. Google App Engine and a Plea for Phalcon

    Find out about Google’s recent embrace of PHP in Google App Engine, what it means for the PHP community, and how it can be improved even further if they were to add support for the high performing PHP framework Phalcon.

  7. PHP as a Service – Fortrabbit

    PaaS is not a new concept. In fact, hosting companies have long since provided PaaS when they sell shared-hosting services that include PHP on the shared server, although this is fundamentally different from how a PaaS business works. Take a look at a newcomer to the platform service provider arena and see how you can be one of the five lucky readers to win coupon codes worth 100€ redeemable for Fortrabbit service!

  8. Why Suppressing Notices is Wrong

    The PHP notice suppression operator is somewhat of a controversial topic in many circles. Some overuse it, some don’t use it at all, and some don’t even know it exists. See why it’s smart to avoid the operator as a general rule, and how to use it intelligently to produce better code.

  9. TotalFinder Review and Giveaway: Mac’s Finder Gets a Makeover

    Note: This article is OSX specific. The Plight The Finder application is often one of the main points of ridicule in comparisons of OSX vs Windows or Linux. It doesn’t have tabbed browsing (something every Linux Window Server has had for years) and provides no painless way of cut-pasting files. At times, it’s painfully slow […]