Brian Suda is an informatician currently residing in Rekyavik, Iceland. He has spent a good portion of each day connected to Internet after discovering it back in the mid-01990s. Most recently, he has been focusing more on the mobile space and future predictions. How smaller devices will augment our every day life and what that means to the way we live, work and are entertained. People will have access to more information, so how do we present this in a way that they can begin to understand and make informed decisions about things they encounter in their daily life. This could include better visualizations of data, interactions, work-flows and ethnographic studies of how we relate to these digital objects. His own little patch of Internet can be found at where many of his past projects and crazy ideas can be found.

Brian's articles

  1. Portable Social Networks: Take Your Friends with You

    As each new social networking site becomes the Next Big Thing, we spend hours recreating our accounts, contact details, and associations with people we know. Brian believes we should support – and create – sites that make users’ profile data portable, and in this article he tours some current and evolving tools that make the sharing of information between services a cinch!

  2. Microformats: More Meaning from Your Markup

    Hidden on many pages of the Web are tiny packets of information — people, places, events, and more. You and I can read them, but they’re invisible to machines. Imagine the possibilities if that information became visible to other sites and applications! In this article, Brian shows how the addition of microformats to your web site markup can open up a whole new raft of possibilities.