1. Google Toolbar for Firefox et al

    Google has released a long-awaited Firefox version of its toolbar. The toolbar runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. There are some other Google-related extensions for Firefox: Google Sugggest – suggests completion of search terms typed into the Firefox search bar. Send to Phone – sends web pages to mobile phones For those in the […]

  2. MySQL Clustering and Security

    I wrote briefly about securing MySQL last week and Andrew-J2000 suggested he was looking for a bit more depth into the clustering side of the scenario. I have recommended some additional links here for night-table reading to study up on some case studies, documentation and other miscellany involved with clustering MySQL. When it comes to […]

  3. Tighten Security with DShield

    A fantastic resource was passed along to me called DShield – which bills itself as a distributed intrusion detection system. What it is really is a powerful live reporting resource on the most attacked ports, types of attacks and who the attackers are. As the folks at DShield put it – “ is an attempt […]

  4. Securing MySQL (and other databases)

    In light of recent news of massive intrusions into enterprise database systems holding sensitive customer information – it is obvious reminders on hardening databases is not old news. Especially considering some of the compromises were executed only because customer data was not encrypted. Starting with MySQL – I have assembled several links I have collected […]

  5. Google Payments?

    The news broke late last week by way of the Wall Street Journal with rumors of a payments service akin to PayPal forthcoming from Google, seeming new masters of the web world. Some of the speculation was cleared late last evening with comments from Google CEO Eric Schmidt who claimed the wunderkid of online search […]

  6. Intro Glossary to Linux Distributions

    Kudos to Martin Ferretti, a stockbroker by day and web junkie by night, has rolled out a nice starter guide to the major and some minor Linux distributions. That not to mention that his site also broadly serves as a resource to many other tools available to web professionals. This is something I pine for […]

  7. OpenBSD versus Linux, Gentoo meets Microsoft

    OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has gone on the record in an interview with Forbes Magazine, slashing at Linux and Linus Torvald’s oversight of the OS as low in quality. Raadt also does not care for the likes of IBM, HP, Sun and others garnering profits from the free contributions of the open source community […]

  8. OpenSolaris Open for Business

    Though this has been brewing and in the light for some time, a solid base of source code and the first release of the now free operating system from Sun opened its doors today. The company has been stating this is part of its strategy to build its business hoping to see an increase in […]

  9. Nokia to Use Safari Components for Mobile Browser

    This sheds a little light on Apple’s recent move to open the source for their modified core components from the KHTML project that make up the Safari web browser. Nokia intends to use it on its Series 60 smartphone platform. This shrewd move by Apple allows them to leverage the changes that will occur to […]

  10. Get Serious with MySQL 5

    If you need to get under the hood with MySQL 5.0 – MySQL AB is hoping you will attend a web presentation being hosted by them on June 15. The focus will include stored procedures, views, triggers, cursors, schema and more. Also included will be discussions on upgrading your existing MySQL installations to version 5. […]