1. Open Source Patent Commons

    The announcement by the Open Source Development Labs further reinforces an observation made in my previous post on the forthcoming new GPL version3. This should go a long way to continue to expand the integration of proven development solutions into open source projects. It does not hurt that power players such as IBM, RedHat, Nokia, […]

  2. GPL 3 Expected in 2007

    While news reports are projecting a new General Public License from the Free Software Foundation in 2007 – I believe they are missing the key point in the exercise. This is largely being debated in the open source community rather than written quietly in the board room. More importantly, open source users can have an […]

  3. Leo Laporte on Open Source

    For those who were rabid fans of TechTV (like myself) and latched onto Leo’s lively coverage of modern tech – he lives on in many ways – including a growing podcast, blog as well as in mainstream media. The Mad Penguin has a great interview with Leo on the intersection of traditional media and content […]

  4. Open Source Becoming More Than Software

    Public Radio International, known to many in the US as a partner to National Public Radio, has taken the term ‘open source’ to a new level in its global radio programming. The organization, possibly best known for its show The World, which brings an international flavor of news and features to the US,launched a new […]

  5. Caution: Online Publishing is Permanent

    Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal (sorry – subscription required but there is a free two week trial!). It seems that today’s attorneys are using the Wayback Machine and other caching services like Google to nail down folks on what they have potentially said, posted, hosted or otherwise executed online in years past even […]

  6. Securing an RSS Feed

    While Kevin has pointed out some important issues in regards to Greasemonkey – I found this new concept for securing an RSS feed an invaluable tip. Joe Gregorio wanted a way to syndicate content for himself and appears to be onto a method. With some tweaking perhaps this could also be explored as a way […]

  7. New Webmin Release Worth a Look

    For those familiar with Webmin – they understands it administrative value on Unix workstations and servers (including Mac OS X). Especially if you need to administer multiple systems. For the unitiated – I wrote on Webmin a while back and explored its capabilities as a powerful root-enabled sys admin tool. The new updates hit on […]

  8. Open Source Projects Benefit from Book Sales

    Packt Publishing has introduced an interesting twist into book publishing for today’s technology reader. The company has pledged to contribute portions of its royalties from publications on open source that it produces to the respective projects those books represent. It has done so since April of this year and has already benefited popular projects such […]

  9. BBC Promotes Open Source to the Masses

    A fascinating insight into how one organization (the BBC) is finding ways to blend open source with mass consumerism and even public service. (Thanks Stoyan!) We talk so much about open source and applying it to our technology and business pursuits – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – but this is an […]

  10. Open Source Accounting

    I have been going through a shift in my own business and looking to grow beyond Quicken as my accounting tool. As most know – Quicken is an invaluable package for home and home office accounting – however if a small business grows Intuit would prefer the natural evolution to migrate toward Quick Books. Initially […]