1. Software Freedom Day – September 10

    Software Freedom Day is this Saturday, with events around the globe. The event hopes to promote the value to be found in the use of open source and free software. Some press reports suggest much of the activity will occur in and around Asia with less exposure in Europe and the Americas. Of course, open […]

  2. MySQL Archive Engine – Data Retention

    I have spent the majority of my technology years in and around financial services dealing with issues of data security, retention, archiving and reporting. Though the finance sector is considered heavily regulated, so are other industries, such as health care and government. Commercial database solutions have had a leg up on MySQL for some time […]

  3. SUSE 10 Coming Soon from Novell/OpenSUSE

    Coming late in October, open source users will be sure to find SUSE 10 much more in tune with the needs of Linux desktop power users. I particularly like the inclusion of the Mozilla browser and email suite of Firefox/Thunderbird and some much needed graphics tools. This release is a step forward for Novell into […]

  4. Maturing Development and Management Tools

    The growing mainstream adoption of open source has spawned a number of more serious conversations over the last several years about business models. Particularly, what will work for creating successful companies and real dollars while adhering to an open source philosophy. In the past five years, the arguments against taking open source seriously have largely […]

  5. Microsoft’s Linux Lab?

    ZDNetAsia ran an interesting article earlier this month that reflects a somewhat more mature view of open source internally at Microsoft. It is obvious that a scorched earth policy on open source will not work for Microsoft, as they have discovered after previous attempts at using inflammatory remarks to debase Linux. Thus the company has […]

  6. Shell Scripting Recipes

    The command line is many things to many people. Some users run in horror, preferring a GUI for point and click administration. Others will not work anywhere but in the warm glow of the Bash Shell. I live in both worlds, having found wonderful system administration solutions in the open source world, my favorite being […]

  7. Use Stunnel to Secure POP, IMAP and SMTP

    I have been toying with running secure pop and smtp email of late for a few roaming users as well as myself. It has been quite simple to setup running on Postfix and largely moves toward securing the transaction of checking email (other than from a man in the middle attacks, somewhat unlikely). The beauty […]

  8. Bill in US Congress to Overhaul Patent Law

    The US government is starting down the long, arduous path of patent reform. Obviously this will entail lengthy debate and would hopefully at the very least move patent law in the US a few steps ahead. This issue is certainly of importance to those in the open source arena, as even though many developers of […]

  9. MySQL at Ten Years

    If anyone missed this letter to the MySQL community from its founders, David Axmark and Michael “Monty” Widenius, earlier this month prior to OSCON – it is worth a read. Certainly after a decade MySQL has racked up serious credibility, an impressive distribution count and some high profile users. Undoubtedly MySQL’s reputation is largely proven […]