Bachelor of Arts, Computer Information Systems Master of Science, Management of Technology Over thirty years experience in test engineering, both hardware and software Desigined automated test equipment from the ground up Taught Intro to Microcomputers at Northwest Vista Community College Enjoy programming as a hobby, keeping abreast of latest technology and amateur photography Avid reader and aspiring writer.

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  1. Non-Functional Software Testing

    If functional software testing is the practice of verifying and validating a software package — in other words making sure the software works and does was it was designed to do — then non-functional software testing is everything else beyond that. One of the first of these “everything-else” categories is performance testing. Performance Testing Testing the […]

  2. Software Testing: Functional Testing

    Categorize This Just as the Software Testing Cycle can be segregated into various levels, the actual testing process itself can be broken up into various categories. The first overall element deals with functional testing – ensuring that the product is working and that it is doing the right thing – the Verification and Validation approach. […]

  3. Software Testing Life Cycle

    The Software Test Plan (STP) is the typical document that defines the life cycle of a software testing experience. It should include a description of the software application that is to be developed, the make-up of the teams that will be performing the testing and the location and schedule of the tests to be conducted. […]

  4. How to Define a Software Tester

    What is a software tester? Software testers go by different names depending on the whim of the employer. They may be known as Software Test Engineers, Functional Test Specialists, or simply Testers. The title has little bearing on the tasks performed by the individual occupying that position. A misrepresented definition of software testing has been […]

  5. Software Testing: A History

    Software testing now enjoys a level of acceptance that was not always there. In the early days of software development, debugging was the primary form of software test. It was primarily performed by the programmer who wrote the code and the object was to get the application to working without crashing the system. End users […]