Ben Dechrai was born in Germany, grew up in the UK, lives in Melbourne, and brews his own beer. A software developer and open source community liaison by day, Ben is Treasurer of the Open Source Developers' Club and convener of the Melbourne PHP Users Group and BarCampMelbourne. He frequently speaks at Australian and international conferences and events on a broad range of topics. He also drinks a lot of coffee.

Ben's articles

  1. Unreal Unconferences

    Let’s say you need an event where you can meet everyone, but still expect to see a fair few new faces; see more than two talks, but still want to have a say in what those talks are. You’re after active participation and interaction, where everyone feels encouraged to join in. What you need is an unconference. In this article Ben Balbo, organizer of BarCampMelbourne, shows how you can make your unconference unreal.

  2. What’s new in PHP 5.3? Article

    There’s no need to wait for the birth of PHP 6 to take advantage of many of its new features — PHP 5.3 is just about to hatch, and brings with it a whole nest of goodies! In this article, Ben explains the most useful programming nuggets.

  3. Cache it! Solve PHP Performance Problems Article

    Looking for ways to speed up your web site? Caching’s the answer. Whether you want to ensure your content’s cached, or guarantee that it’s not, this tutorial has the solutions to your caching problems. In it, Ben shows how to manipulate http headers to control caching on the client side, and use server caching to make your site’s performance skyrocket.