Andy is a software developer who regularly uses PHP, Ruby, and Objective-C to build for the Web and mobile web. His passions are teaching and enabling people, and building new things. In addition to holding down a secretive day job, he runs OiOi Studios by night.

Andy's articles

  1. Authorizing Twitter in iOS

    Introduction In my previous article we created a simple app that interacts with the Twitter API and pulls down a single tweet from the public timeline. In a typical application, we want to pull tweets from a user’s timeline. iOS5 provides an API for securing authorisation details centrally and providing access to them to any […]

  2. BuildMobile: Handling the Twitter API in iOS5

    Today I’m going to take a bit of a break from writing about Orny to discuss Apple’s APIs for Twitter integration, newly introduced in the iOS 5 SDK . Specifically, we’re going to cover the Twitter framework (an elaboration of NSHTTPRequest ), the Accounts framework (a central framework and daemon for the storage and management of account credentials) and we’ll briefly touch on NSJSONSerialization , Apple’s previously private (and now public) implementation of a JSON-to-Foundation-Object parser (it also works the other way ‘round). Beginnings I’m going to assume that you’ve read our previous iOS Tutorials and know how to start a new project. Things are a little different in the new version of Xcode, but not so different that past instructions are too badly out of date

  3. Handling the Twitter API in iOS5

    I’m really excited to announce the return of our long lost iOS developer Mr Andy White. Returning to the fore in full force, Andy gets ahold of Apple’s APIs for Twitter integration introduced in the iOS5 SDK.

  4. BuildMobile: Managing Information with CoreData

    In this series, we’ve been creating an application called Orny . The application will (hypothetically) be used by Ornithologists to record sightings of birds, where those sightings occurred, and will possibly even store photographs taken by the user. At the moment, we’re listing some species of birds in an array. In the near future, we’re going to want to store data, so we’re going to make our app use CoreData.

  5. Managing Information with CoreData

    This is the third article in a series, wherein Andy White steps through the creation of an iOS app called Orny. In this instalment we’re going to cover the basics of CoreData, how to create a default database, and how to retrieve information from it. Tasty refreshing beverage in hand?

  6. BuildMobile: An Interactive Orny

    This is part three of an ongoing series. You may wish to read or review the previous sections on iOS Development Basics and iOS Apps with Tasty UI . As the series goes on, we’re going to develop an application called “Orny”.

  7. An Interactive Orny

    Andy White continues his intense meditation of developing with iOS and starts to add interactivity to the sample app called Orny. Fire up the Xcode and grab your tasty refreshing beverage to settle in for part three of the series.

  8. iOS Apps with Tasty UI

    In the second instalment of our iOS development meditation, we create our sample app called “Orny”. This is the start of the codebase that will take you to first release, so we move into second gear. We cover the Universal app, the creation of data and view handling that will be used for both iPhone and iPad. Tasty refreshing beverage in hand, here is Andy White again.

  9. iOS Development Basics with Xcode 4

    Welcome to our intense meditation of developing for the iOS platform. Our story arc is “from novice to first release” and this series will explain the creation and ongoing development of a hypothetical application from first steps through to release and post-release, continued development. Find a comfortable spot and have tasty refreshing beverage in hand. Your guide is Andy White.

  10. Kicking Off iPhone Development

    Developing for the iOS platform can be a lot of fun. You have a comprehensive set of APIs for doing all sorts of neat stuff—from geolocation to audio output and 3D graphics—and a great platform to run your code on. If you’re lucky, you might even make a wad of money on the App Store […]