Ara has been working on the Web since 1997. He's been a freelancer, a webmaster, and most recently, a front-end architect and practice lead for Nurun, a global interactive communications agency. Ara's experience comes from having worked on every aspect of web development throughout his career, but he's now following his passion for web standards-based front-end development.

Ara's articles

  1. YUI 3: Lighter, Faster, Easier to Use

    The Yahoo User Interface library has established itself as one of the key JavaScript libraries to use enhancing the user experience on a web page. In this article, Ara previews what’s around the corner for the next version: YUI 3.

  2. Deck the Halls with Unobtrusive JavaScript

    A key component in a JavaScript programmer’s arsenal is the methodology of unobtrusive JavaScript — the idea that a web page’s behavior should remain separate from its structure. In this tutorial, Ara overcomes one of the challenges of unobtrusive JavaScript: tricky timing issues.