Aaron was formerly the Managing Editor for SitePoint Online.

Aaron's articles

  1. From Nothing to Ruby

    I’m not sure if there’s anything more intimidating than getting up in front of experts and saying your thing. Especially when you know so little. Here on RubySource, we have the .NET to Ruby and PHP to Ruby categories. But what if you just aren’t a programmer? Where do you start? A Little History/Why I’m […]

  2. DesignFestival: CSS3 Animations, Photoshop Alternatives, and More

    Playing with Fire: Organic CSS3 Animation Create a flickering fire animation without the use of plugins or videos using this impressive tutorial. CSS3 animations can add a lot of aesthetic appeal for just a few small kilobytes of imagery and code How to Customize Your Google+ Profile to Match Your Brand Google+ won’t give you […]

  3. What’s on at PHPMaster?

    We’ve been busy over at PHPMaster, working to bring you the best articles and tutorials so you can get to know one of the most widely used languages on the Web

  4. What’s Happening on RubySource?

    Ruby, and its numerous frameworks, are gaining increasing popularity with developers all over the globe. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out some of the highlights from RubySource

  5. BuildMobile: Want to Get Paid? Write For Us!

    Know a few things about mobile development, or just love being the first to play with the newest apps? We’re always looking for great quality iOS and Android development tutorials, useful roundups, and app reviews. Getting published on SitePoint sites is a fantastic way to build your reputation. We pay competitive rates and have a compelling incentive program