A former lead engineer at Microsoft, Andy currently works for Clearleft in the UK where he writes code and consults for clients like the BBC, Mozilla, and eBay.

Andy's articles

  1. What Characterizes a Good Screen Font?

    I’m going to begin with a provocative claim: I believe CSS is one of the most difficult-to-master computer languages we have. It doesn’t have a complex syntax and you certainly don’t need a doctorate in IT to understand it. However, it’s one of the only popular languages that isn’t “logical”—and I mean that in the […]

  2. Common Web Fonts Demystified

    Choosing a typeface is the starting point of typographic design, and may even go on to inform the overall design or feel of a page. Traditionally, Web typography suffers from a lack of options when it comes to typeface choice simply because fonts can be displayed only if they’re available on users’ computers. The first job of the Web typographer, then, is to distinguish the fonts that are readily available, and to understand which are best suited to his or her particular tasks.

  3. The Anatomy of Web Fonts Article

    Typography involves degrees of science and art. In this step-by-step guide, Andy illuminates the science of practical typographic theory and explains how it applies to the selection of attractive, usable Web fonts. He shows how to assess the merits of various fonts, identify those that suit your purpose, and put them together to create a communicative whole.