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  1. Ready for PHP & MySQL Week at SitePoint?

    To celebrate the release of the new edition of well-loved SitePoint book “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL, 4th Edition” — by Kevin Yank, we’re publishing a chapter a day next week, beginning Tuesday the 7th of July. Check out what you’ll be reading.

  2. Take Your CSS to the Desktop with Adobe AIR!

    Did you realize that if you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then you know enough to create your own desktop applications using Adobe AIR? In this article I’ll demonstrate just how easy it is to create your own desktop app, complete with custom window design using nothing but CSS and jQuery.

  3. Google I/O a Real Eye-Opener!

    Lots of impressive technology has been demonstrated at the recent Google I/O event; Web Elements, Google App Script, Google Maps API v3, and the amazing Google Wave.

  4. Does Your Site Have The Konami Code?

    Don’t know what the Konami Code is? Wonder no more. In this blog post you’ll find everything you need to know to add a Konami Code powered easter egg to your site using jQuery.

  5. Server-side JavaScript Will Be as Common as PHP

    Despite the fact that JavaScript has been typecast as the scripting language for browsers, it’s appearing in more and more server-side environments. Where can server-side JavaScript be found right now and what needs to be addressed before it’s as common as PHP?

  6. More Crimes Against Hypertext

    Several weeks ago, Andrew spelled out several common examples of poor hyperlinking. It generated an interesting discussion, so he thought he’d write a follow-up, adding a few more examples and some solutions.