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Andrew's articles

  1. Want better browsers? Make Them Look Good

    The end experience for all users of the Web is ultimately a collaboration between browser makers and web professionals. Web developers and designers need to do all they can to support a healthy browser ecosystem.

  2. The Tragic Comedy that is Rich Text Editing on the Web

    So, we’ve had rich text editing in browsers for more than ten years now, but have you seen the HTML that is output from these editors? It’s horrendous. So why haven’t browser makers fixed the problem? Does the HTML5 spec have anything to say about it?

  3. Killer Web Dev Tools with Ben Galbraith

    Ben Galbraith, of Mozilla Labs, is speaking at Web Directions South ’09 on The State of Browser Tools. Andrew had the opportunity to interview him about his Web Directions session, the Bespin project, and browser tools in general.

  4. Tweet Your Flickr Pics with Flex

    Andrew Muller’s Flex-based Twitter app is really taking shape. In his previous article, Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part I: The Basics, Andrew laid the groundwork for his Flex app for sharing media on Twitter using Adobe Flash Builder 4. This tutorial is Part 2, where he shows how to enhance the app by adding an image uploader.

  5. Add More Sparkle with CSS3

    Have you noticed that when EA Games release a new title they often simultaneously release the game for every gaming platform from PS3 to Nintendo DS?

    There are huge differences in the capabilities of those devices…