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  1. Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts

    If you’re new to CSS layouts, you’d be forgiven for thinking that using CSS floats in imaginative ways is the height of skill. Let Andrew Tetlaw walk you down the righteous CSS path that is float-free. Bring a kitten.

  2. Really? IE9 100% Compatible with HTML5?

    Is IE9 really 100% compatible with HTML5? You could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft were stating as much from their recently published test results. You should take a closer look, however.

  3. Resumes for the Web Industry: Some Advice from the Trenches

    Since I’ve been at SitePoint, I’ve helped to fill three full-time positions — so I’ve looked at a lot of resumes. I’ve been given the task again recently, so I thought it was timely to pen one of those “how to write a resume” posts, but make it specific to the web industry. Everything in this post comes from personal experience.

  4. How do you Choose the Right Logo for your Business?

    In this guest blog post Brian Tom compares the benefits and pitfalls of working with a single designer or using design contest services like 99designs when having your logo designed. He also explains the single most important piece of advice he can provide: talk.

  5. Mozilla to Tackle Browser CSS History Privacy Leak

    All browsers can be made to show the websites that you’ve visited; that is, all the websites in your browser’s history list. Mozilla has announced that they’re adopting a strategy to tackle the issue, which will have repercussions for web designers.

  6. CSS3 Generators Write All that Pesky Code for You

    Playing around with CSS3 is fun, but remembering all those experimental properties with their vendor prefixes, and which browser supports which property is a real bummer. But never fear, CSS3 code generators have it covered. Recently, I’ve found three useful ones.