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  1. Be accessible

    Just a quick reminder: Be accessible, especially to clients. There is nothing worse than trying to reach a professional with a full voice mail box or who takes more than a few hours to return a call. Give your clients a way to reach you with requests or emergencies. They expect it.

  2. Why you should stop coding and designing right now

    Many Sitepoint readers ask how they can build a firm that is worth something, that has employees, that lasts longer than their participation in it — in short, a firm that they can sell. Here is how to do it: Stop coding. Stop designing. Stop being an employee and start being a firm builder. That’s […]

  3. Back to low pricing self-esteem

    Let’s get your advice on a classic example of low pricing self-esteem. I’m working with a guy who has a masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, extensive software development experience, extensive off shore experience, and holds a couple of patents. He is brilliant at technology and development. And he proves my point that the […]

  4. Value and pricing: How much would you charge in this case

    I just spent a couple hours helping a client out with something. Question for you: Should I charge for a couple of hours? Of course not. The client asked me for help for the following reasons: – Their internal person has been unable to do this project for 4 weeks. – This same person acknowledged […]

  5. Why Google Adwords and Yahoo! Overture are overrated

    As Google’s stock price continues to come back to earth (sort of), and the company acknowledges some weakness in revenues, it is a good time to remind Web developers and designers that Google’s AdWords program is a bit overrated. It is important for you to help your clients understand that CPC is not a panacea […]

  6. How to generate leads

    In a recent blog entry, worchyld asks about how to generate leads. This has been covered extensively in this blog, in my articles on Sitepoint, and in my books, but it’s always good to have a primer: 1. Before you start generating leads, be sure that you have a great strategic foundation in place. This […]

  7. Males, females, diversity, and marketing your services

    A coaching client of mine is having some issues managing his staff. Apparently a few of his employees are starting to complain openly at meetings. It turns out that he is having issues with four of his staff members, and that all four are female in an organization that is about 50/50 split between men […]

  8. How well do you handle interruptions?

    Today yet another basic lesson about customer service comes up. I’m sitting with a videographer/developer going through 2 hours of video clips. This is hard word as we are isolating still photos for a book. The phone rings. He excuses himself to take the call. He comes back, apologizes, and we have to take a […]

  9. Do you have one or more idea files?

    A key tool in any web designer’s or developer’s kit should be a set of idea files. These are files filled with great ideas that you see on the Web or in print ads, and can refer to over time. You should have a few files, some hard copies of screen shots and some made […]