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  1. Next step in case study

    Thank you for all of your predictions about the money-making sites in the previous blog post. Some of your predictions were downright depressing and made me question my continued existence as an entrepreneur. Others created possibilities, which I appreciate. All were thoughtful, mostly. Let’s add some information. What I’d like is to give you a […]

  2. Let’s do a case study comparing five money-making websites

    The next series of blogs should be valuable to many of you. What I’d like to do is introduce you to 5 websites that are in development now, and lead you through a series of questions to get you thinking about using the web to make money. This first blog post is intended to get […]

  3. It’s not just what you do…

    I started a new assignment Friday to provide marketing support, including web site development, to a healthcare firm. Wanting to make a good impression, I sent a draft first deliverable out, of a marketing letter. The client didn’t like it, which I can accept (it can take time and a few iterations to get on […]

  4. What’s your talent?

    To be successful in anything, it sure helps to have three things: 1. Talent. 2. A demand for your talent by others. 3. Passion for expressing your talent. I’ve figured out that my talent is in writing, helping people think clearly, starting up publishing ventures, and moving quickly to get results. It is fortunate that […]

  5. Abundance from the home office

    When I moved from Silicon Valley to Florida, I was concerned about whether there would be any kind of dynamic, technologically-savvy economy in the Sunshine State. For those who don’t know Florida, it is known for tourism (e.g. Disney World and beaches) and agriculture, not for knowledge-based industries. I have found that if you are […]

  6. A simple way to eliminate many payment hassles

    In the last blog entry, I parenthetically noted that I send electronic links to clients for credit card payments. It’s worth a separate post to discuss this tactic. If you are like me, you hate anything not related to directly serving clients. And collecting payments is probably one of the biggest hassles. So I’ve set […]

  7. The case of the disappearing client

    A client of mine was hot and heavy to move forward with an engagement last month. He paid me 50% upfront right away (BTW — I am more than willing to give up credit card fees to send an electronic link to clients for upfront payment; many times, clients will even pay 2% more than […]

  8. Let the game come to you

    I remember when Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were at their peak, people used to say that “the game came to them.” They did less to get great results. Somehow they could read the court and respond to the situation, while also creating new situations. I hope you are doing the same with your marketing. […]

  9. Rules of thumb are often wrong

    Be careful about rules of thumb and conventional wisdom in your marketing. While some rules hold up time and time again, some don’t. For instance: Noboby buys anything between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Not true. I sold more than an average amount of books and services that week. For instance: A guarantee increases response […]

  10. New Year’s Wish For You: In 2006, work hard to be lazy

    Here is a New Year’s wish for all self-employed Sitepoint readers: Work hard in 2006 to be lazy in 2007. What does that mean? Some of you already know. Some of you don’t have a clue. Too many of you are working too hard to continue to work hard. You are working with clients, doing […]

  11. One day, two very different inquiries

    Thursday I got two very different inquiries from prospects. Inquiry One: Someone was interested in one of my $50 books. He sent an email asking a variety of questions. Some were perfectly legitimate. Some of his other questions told me that he was not an ideal client by any means. He wanted to know if […]

  12. From $0 to $1 million in only a year

    A colleague and friend of mine has built an IT solutions provider firm from $0 to $1 million this year. Interested in how he did it? Here is how: 1. He prepared to leave his company (where he worked in IT) for a couple of years before taking the leap. During this time, he cultivated […]

  13. Forecast for 2006

    Well, it’s that time of the year when we should all be looking to 2006 and how we intend to prosper in the New Year. (Actually, we all should have done this 3-6 months ago, but it’s traditional for media to focus on the New Year now, when it is a bit too late). Last […]

  14. Lessons from an Elance Pro Part II

    This is a follow up to the Elance Pro blog a few entries ago. I have a second project, similar to the one that the Elance Pro just did for me. He once again impresses me with his ability to close business. Here is how it worked: 1. I sent him specifications for the project. […]

  15. How supportive is your family of your entrepreneurship?

    Family support is essential to every successful entrepreneur, or at least sure makes it easier. I’m blessed that my wife likes and supports what I do, although from time to time she tells me that one of my ideas is stupid. I usually go forward with that idea anyway, and she usually is right about […]

  16. Business, ethics, and morality

    In the last blog entry, “someone who cares” expressed dismay that I seemed “proud” to be sending work outside the USA. This raises some interesting issues about business, ethics, and morality. Here is my opinion, and I would be interested in yours: First, the purpose of business is to generate a profit. Capitalism in and […]

  17. Lessons from an Elance Pro

    I just completed a project on Elance, and I have to say that the results were excellent for the price. In fact, Elance has proven to be a surprisingly good source of talent, despite my having had to pay for a few duds here and there. I got a fantastic product designer off Elance. And […]

  18. What about hiring a salesperson?

    Many of my clients want to hire a salesperson. They figure they are not very good at selling, so why not hire somebody. In my opinion, this can be a huge mistake. Here’s why: 1. Salespeople take a lot of energy to manage. 2. Salespeople are not “magic bullets” that instantly sell for you. You […]

  19. This author’s approach to sales calls

    Thanks for great input and posts on the recent blog about how not to do a sales call. Since someone asked, here is how I do a sales call: 1. I pick a few companies that I want to do work for. 2. I take a look at their marketing materials and pick them apart. […]

  20. If you must volunteer to show a client what you can do….

    I’m not a big fan of offering free work to clients, but I know that sometimes some of you do that with good reason. But if you must volunteer, please treat your assignment as if it were paid work. A media professional volunteered recently to do an online project for me. While I appreciate his […]

  21. How NOT to do a sales call

    I got a call today on my cell phone from a salesperson from what he described as a publicly traded search engine and optimization firm. I took it, because I need material for this blog. He obliged. As usual, he started the call without his name, just saying, “How are you?” So I said, “Fine, […]