Andrew's articles

  1. Let’s Get Started

    I’m delighted to have been selected to write this blog! Thank you Georgina and the Sitepoint staff for putting your trust in me. My charge is to post about 3 blogs each week (along with one column each month). That’s a lot of writing. While I’m happy to write about issues that my current consulting […]

  2. Make That Sale … Without the Sleaze!

    Forget scripted selling! Increase your engagement-win ratio by pursuing the right jobs the right way. Develop trust and credibility by working with prospects to identify a fit between their needs and your offerings. Andrew reveals all in this handy how-to.

  3. World Domination for Small Web Businesses

    You want to own the global Web development market? Ditch that inclusive marketing approach and narrow your focus to self-contained segments. Andrew presents the theory and practice of niche marketing, arguing that it’s easy to be a big (and prosperous) fish when the pond is small.