Andrew's articles

  1. From Concept to Working Prototype with Flash Catalyst

    Today’s tutorial is all about easing the tension between designing and developing. In the first of our new three-part series, author Toby Tremayne takes Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 for a spin in order to show us how these sometimes mutually exclusive elements can operate harmoniously with a minimum of fuss.

  2. Expression Blend Behaviors

    In the final installment of his Microsoft Expression Blend tutorial trilogy, user experience maestro Shane Morris caps off the prototype that he showed us how to build in part one, and the Silverlight 3 application from part two, with some storyboard and animation creation.

  3. Expression Blend Behaviors

    In the third installment of our Expression Blend series, Shane builds on the sample application we’ve created and adds real data integration, behaviors, and animations.

  4. Designing with Microsoft Expression Blend

    Picking up where he left off last time with the SketchFlow article, User Experience guru Shane Morris delves deeper into the Expression Blend bag of tricks in today’s tutorial Designing with Microsoft Expression Blend.

  5. Building a Flickr Commons Browser in Flex

    In today’s tutorial, Building a Flickr Commons Browser in Flex, our friendly Flex aficionado Toby Tremayne puts some of Flex 4’s many new features under the microscope to demonstrate how easy component development and skinning can be.

  6. Flex Your Accessibility

    The latest in our Flex-related series of tutorials focuses on something that all web designers and developers ought to embrace: accessibility.